The Simple Funnel for Fast Affiliate Marketing Profits

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People in Internet Marketing tend to over-complicate things. I am often one of those people.

But the simpler you can keep things, the faster you will see results. And results are what will motivate you to take things to the next level.

In this post, I want to share with you one of my all-time favorite simple models for generating fast affiliate profits in any niche.I call it the “Quick-Start Affiliate Funnel”

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Find a good affiliate offer in your niche that has a vide


o sales page. The higher the quality of the video and sales page, the better.

Step 2: Create a squeeze page with a headline like: “Free Video Reveals the Secret to (main product benefit). Click Below to Watch!” Add a few bullets with key benefits from the sales page.

Step 3: Drive traffic, collect leads, make affiliate commissions.

Step 4: Create a 5-10 message autoresponder sequence with a mix of valuable info and promotion of the affiliate product (and possibly one or two similar products).

Once your visitors opt in, they are sent directly to the video sales page for the affiliate offer. Meanwhile, they are added to your email list and they receive a series of autoresponder messages promoting the affiliate offer (while providing value).

If they didn’t purchase the affiliate offer directly after opting in, you have multiple chances to sell them with follow-up emails. As your list grows, you can then begin to offer additional products – either affiliate or your own.

You can also start to do cross promotions with other marketers where you get them to promote your offer to their lists while you promote their offers to your list. When you start to build your own list this way, doors will start to open up and you can start expanding your business in exponential ways.

Don’t over-complicate it. As the kids say, “Just Do It!” And soon, you’ll start seeing results that you can build on and never look back.